Basha (Terrebonne)

Basha (Terrebonne)

Welcome to Restaurant Basha Terrebonne's website, we are glad to have you here! Check our complete menu, where we offer you delicious dishes such as: Basha sante beef and Basha grillades. Taste our Falafel and Kafta Pitas; and if you have a sweet tooth our Baklava box is for you. Don't miss our special Shawarma and Shish taouk combo at a special price! Visit the restaurant at 1996 Chemin Gascon Terrebonne, or Order Online to enjoy of our free Delivery and Pick up services.

(450) 824-9898

1996 chemin Gascon Terrebonne Quebec

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Basha (Terrebonne)
Basha (Terrebonne)

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Google Reviews
Basha (Terrebonne)
Sergey Molotkov

-Basha is always OK I would even say it's tasty but not for everyday use. And I would say it's a little bit overpriced since recently.-

Basha (Terrebonne)
Basha (Terrebonne)
Nadine El-Nabouche

-The food there is just too good-

Basha (Terrebonne)
Basha (Terrebonne)
Lindsay Private

-We ordered from Uber when staying at a near by hotel. The good was fresh and Hot. The only downfall is the wrap was soggy and fell apart as you ate it. The plate was good. Lots of food and very tasty.-

Basha (Terrebonne)
Basha (Terrebonne)
Nish Rajah

-Stopped in for dinner. The store was steady on takeout meals. So we decided to get a few different meals. I got the poutine and beef wrap. The rest of my party got the chicken plate and five veggies. My poutine was very good. Enjoyed the portion. I couldn't eat my wrap as I was full from the poutine. Saved it for later. The chicken plate was massive and tasted good. The five veggies everything tasted good except the beans mix. The gentleman behind the counter was very nice. Overall I would highly recommend this place.-

Basha (Terrebonne)
Basha (Terrebonne)
Med Idir

-Very good services-

Basha (Terrebonne)